My favourite Holiday Snaps

I have always been a travel lover, and after thinking about what I want to do on this blog, I have decided to share some of my favourite holidays, and some of the tips I have gathered along the way!

After flicking through some of my old holiday snaps, I thought I would share them with you today! I hope you enjoy them.


Since I was a child my parents have promised me to take me to India, the country which I am named after! When I was 18 my dad took me to India for a magical holiday over the Christmas break, so we were there for new year! I love the colour an vibrancy in this image.

India with Dad

The Arctic 

The summer before I headed off to university my mum, step dad and I set sail for the Arctic! I couldn’t decide between some of the pictures from this holiday so you are getting a couple!


Isn’t this image perfect? The red and white boat is where we stayed on the holiday, and the setting around it is an amazing representation of the holiday. I can almost feel the crisp air looking at the picture.








This picture is us at the most northern point that we could manage to get to on the boat.

Back packing through Europe

I loved this holiday, and have had to share 2 pictures again! I was so young and skinny in these image! Can I go back please?

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