5 ways to earn money at uni without getting a job

How to earn money without getting a job!


As you’re moving away to university it is a great time to have a clear out of your bedroom. Have you still got clothes in your wardrobe that don’t fit you or suit you? What about all those text books you brought for you A-Levels? Selling them on Ebay is a great way to not only clean out some of your old things but make some money, meaning more alcohol and junk food over fresher’s week!

Get designing

Let your creativity shine and bring some extra money into your bank account by selling something you have designed. Weather you love to sew, paint or creating unique fashion items you can sell your creative designs online with sites such as Etsy. You can also sell your items local at craft sales and market places.

Use your contacts

One of the great things about university is the amount of new people you meet, with everyone in your lectures, your new housemates and everyone for the societies you joined you will suddenly have a large collection of new people around you. A great way to make some money is to start selling from shops such as Avon or Forever Living. You can sell some fantastic products to your new friends and make some money without doing any work!

Ticket Seller

One of the great job to do while at university is to sell tickets for nights out. Lots of clubs have ticket sellers who sell to societies and students, it is a great way to get to know more people, make a bit of money and get free tickets to all the best nights out!


Work for the university

Working at university events like open days is another good way to make a bit of money on a one of occasion. You usually just have to work for a few hours and because it’s a university, they pay well! What could be better!

What are your best tips for earning money at university?