How to survive a long haul flight

If you’re anything like me long haul flights are hell on earth! You sitting in a tiny seat with strange noises, there are lights everywhere so you can’t sleep but everyone else around you seems to be happily sleeping away. When I travelled to New Zealand my mum seemed to sleep the entire way, apart from waking up for food. When we arrived she was wide awake and happy to be running around Auckland harbour looking at the beautiful sights. I in contrast wanted to murder her, slowly!


However after all my long haul flights I have managed to find a few way to make surviving a long haul flight a little easier.


  1. Keep Organised

I always want to keep as little around me as possible (who wants to make the room on a plane smaller!?) but I hate getting in and out of my seat to get things that I need. So I like to keep little pouches of things that I will need on the flight. I have an electronics pouch which contains my phone, Ipod, headphones ect. Meaning I just have to grab that along with my magazines and I am all set to go.


  1. Socks

Planes are either really warm or cold, I can never understand why but it’s true. Because I hate the cold so much I always make sure to take a thick pair of socks, normally I wear my heaviest shoes on the flight to cut down on the weight of my luggage, so I slip them off, pop my socks on and I am all set to relax for the flight.


  1. Snacks

Although you get food on long haul flights, it often isn’t enough or tastes horrible. So I always pack some snacks to nibble on during the flight. Cereal bars, sweets and dried fruit are a great idea along with a bottle of water to keep hydrated.


  1. Bring stuff

As much as I like keep my area full of clutter, sometimes I do like to take some extra stuff to make my trip easier. I hate neck pillows because for the most part I find that the still hurt my neck, I tend to rest my head on the food treys instead, but I do have a great pillow that is made of beanbag material that I love  (although it’s annoying to carry around!)  An eye mask and ear plugs can also be great for cutting out the world around you. I know some people like to take sleeping tablets in order to keep them on a sleeping schedule, but I don’t like to take non-medical tablets.

  1. Getting over jet lag

When you arrive at your destination, you sometimes want to sleep for days to catch up on your missed sleep. The best idea to make sure you can acclimatise as quickly as possible is to not sleep until night time in your new location.

I will always try and stay awake until 9:00 in the evening, you can allow yourself a lie in the next day!


What are your long haul flight tips?

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