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I am sure you all know that as a student we are target for all sorts of crime; thanks to little security and lots of expensive equipment. I have been testing out a new gadget, the Watchbot. Which like a CCTV camera allows you to record, however the Watchbot also allows to remotely access the video feed to make your house is secure even when you are away- perfect for the long summer months where your procession are left alone.

The Watchbot is a perfect devise that allows you to feel comfortable and confident in your own home, knowing that you are safe.

The Watchbot company are kindly offering to give one of you a Watchbot!

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So, What’s next?

I am getting to that stage in an undergrads life when they begin to question everything. Will I manage to get my dream job 3 months after graduation- with enough time for a holiday? Will I end up being stuck as a tea girl in the industry I love? Or will the evil journalists be write, is my degree not enough to get me a job? 


I am 3 months away from my final hand in, 5 months from donning my cap and gown and parading across the stage to get my diploma. This is something that I have worked at getting for well over the three years I have been at university. My family, friends and loved ones have all become as invested in my university life as I have.


But what will I do next? Christmas was filled with this dreaded questions, my family, boyfriends family and everyone else are dying to know what the next stage of life will bring me, but the truth is I am as much in the dark as I am.


Since December I have been applying for jobs. In fact I became so absorbed in the process of applying I ended up applying for a job in America, without realizing. But even though I have sent off what feels like millions of applications I have not received any job offers.


So last week I decided to go to a talk the university where having about doing Masters courses. My lectures talk about the type of material that would be covered in the masters and how you can fund a masters course.


So I have decided that I am going to apply for a masters course, at my university, as well as applying for more jobs. So my plan for the future is basically I have no idea, and I am going to cover every base!

Changing Names?

What’s in a name? Well for blogging everything. A blogs name is a way that an audience perceives and remembers a blog.

Three years ago I started a blog called ‘Confessions of a uni student’ After a few months of blogging, I decided that I didn’t enjoy the format of the blog and that I would start all over again. When I changed my blog I also decided to change the name to a more shortened version ‘Uni Confessions’. I loved it , the shorter name was easier for  people to remember and easier for me to say.

Until, one day a new craze started on Facebook Uni Confessions- loads of pages started popping up with the same name, but unlike my blog these sites shared the sordid and explicit secrets of university student. I stuck with the name, and I tried to make it seem different, but I feel like every time I tell any one the name of my blog they look at me like I must be writing about dirty things and not the advice and fun things that actually get updated on this blog.

This has made me decide that I want to change my blogs name! I know longer want to live in the shadow of the Uni Confessions name, I will carry on the blog, as it is now, under a new name. What do you think?


Can someone please help me.


My Audio book secret.

I have always been a lover of books, I have never been bothered about weather I am reading or writing, if I have a book in my hand I am happy.


Over the past few months I have had trouble sleeping, I feel really tired during the day, until it’s time for me to actually sleep, then I am wide awake! I spoke to my housemate about this and she said that when she can’t sleep she listens to audio books. As I said I am always happy when I have a book in my hand, so I had never really considered audiobooks before.


So I decided to listen to audiobooks on my laptop while I tried to sleep, I just use youtube audiobooks and turn the brightness on my laptop down until my screen is black. I also turn my laptop down so that it is on the second volume level 2, which I found is loud enough for me to hear everything easily but while not being too loud to keep me awake.


Over the past few weeks I have been listening to the Hunger games audio book. I prefer audio books that are divided up into chapters, and then put into a playlist. This means that I can listen to the books as I am falling asleep without having to click on a new video every ten or twenty minutes. Having them in chapters means it is easier to pick up from the time that I fell asleep the night before.


I have to admit I love listening to audio books, and I no listen while I am cleaning or just pottering around the house. I can read a book while I am doing other things. Perfect!!

100 days of happiness.

Last week I started 100 days of happiness on my facebook page, I have decided that I will do a weekly update on my pictures, along with more of an explanation.


Monday 10th February. 

This picture is my valentines gift from my boyfriend, an American style Chinese takeaway box filled with sweets along with a set of heart chopsticks. Although I got this the weekend before, I didn’t use it until today, the sweets were yummy!


Tuesday 11th February. 

My house is so cold all the time that I don’t cook very often at uni. However I decided to make more of an effort to eat proper meals so I made Peas and Onions along with Chips and Chicken Kiev. Ok so it wasn’t healthy!!


Wednesday 12th February. 

I had a lazy day today, and spent the day cuddled up with my stuffed toy, Cinnamon a husky, I got it for Christmas from my boyfriend because I really want a husky dog, but can’t get one until I graduate (and probably not even then!)


Thursday 13th February. 

I know, I am so late. Today I got some of my late christmas presents from family I didn’t manage to see over christmas.


Friday 14th February. 

I finally sorted out my work out routine, writing down everything I will do. I have become so much more into fitness over the last week. I really want to get mega fit!


Saturday 15th February. 

I watched Jenna Marbles on youtube, she never ceases to make me laugh. I love her and Grace Helbig. They are both so funny!


I will be carrying this one for 100 days, you can follow it on my Facebook page (here) Don’t forget to like! 

Valentines day outfit ideas

Well tomorrow is the day that all couples look forward to and singles hate. So I thought I would do a first for this blog and do a post that has never been done on this blog, an outfit ideas post. So I spent the day trying to do a makeshift solo photoshoot, which is much harder than I expected! I hope you enjoy the post. P.s. I hate some of these pictures!!!

Semi-formal Sparkles. 

SONY DSC For this outfit I teamed a pair of dark blue Skinny Jeans (Hollister) with a light peach Blazer (Oasis) and pink sequinned top (Primark) I also wore a pair of black ballet shoes but my camera couldn’t get them in the shot.

Lace and Cozy. 


For this outfit I carried on wearing my dark wash Skinny Jeans (Hollister) this time putting it with a white shirt with Lace overlay (Boohoo) with a grey scarf with red stars (boohoo) along with a pair of black booties (Boohoo). There might be a slight theme to this outfit.

School girl crush 


The name of this outfit is because it’s a cute School girl style checked dress with a white colour and black bow. I pair these with a simple pair of black heels.

City Girl

City girl

City girl

This dress is a lovely Ted Baker dress, with a large vintage picture of Piccadilly circus . I paired this with a simple pair of nude heels, as I want the dress to be a statement on it’s own.

Single Girl Appreciation day 

Single Girls Appreciation Day!

Single Girls Appreciation Day!

Although I am not single this will be my Valentines day outfit (or a gym kit!) A white tank top (New Look) Pink Cardigan (Primark) and Comfortable joggers (Primark) . If you are having a comfortable day in with your man, or if you don’t have one then this is the perfect outfit.


Hope you enjoy the day!

Nek Nominations

keep-calm-nek-nomination-dont-make-u-a-legendIt’s a craze that has swept across the world, starting in Australia the Nek Nominations was initially where people would down a pint of beer before doing a dear and then nominating their friends to do the same. 


However as the nominations spread around the world the drinks got stronger and the dares became more stupid. In one case someone reported a pair of men downing a drink before smashing the glass on their heads, both laughing and joking as the blood trickled down their face.


In recent popular Nek Nomination videos a student walked into Asda and stripped down to a bra and stockings in the middle of an aisle and proceeded to Neck a can of beer.


However as many people are saying this is a harmless game, which I agree with in most situations, the game has become a lethal mixture of one uping your friends and mixtures of alcohol.


This weekend the news of the first two British people who have died due to the game was announced. 20 year old Isaac Richardson and 29 year old Stephen Brookes died in two separate incidents. Each of the men died not through the stupid pranks that they pulled, a part which seems to have been forgotten, but my the amount of alcohol the consumed.


Judging by most 20-30 year olds I know, I am guessing that these men knew how to drink, they have probably suffered many hangovers over their lifetime. So for a game to have incouraged them to, in Brookes case, down a Pint of Vodka, is truly mind boggling.


I think it is a shame a game that started off as a bit of fun, down a pint and take a dare has now become a game that has lead to the death of a number of people.


However to defend this game a number of people have decided to take the game in another direction. A man in Australia decided to go and donate a meal and drink to a homeless man as his dare and encouraged his friend to do the same. While some students have decided to donate a pink of blood instead of downing the alcohol, in a turn that will save lives rather than take them.


What are your thoughts on Nek Nominations? let me know in the comments below.


Lauren x

100 days of happiness

100 Days of Happiness.


Ok, so in the last month I have made some real changes to this blog. I have moved to a self-hosting blog and finally got a new design, that I love. So I thought I would try and get on a new, better posting schedule.


To begin this I am going to do the 100 days of Happiness Challenge. Every day for 100 days I will post a picture of what made me happy that day, onto my Facebook page. ( At the end of each week I will post a review of the pictures, with a description of the week on here.


I look forward to this challenge, as not only will it help me become a better and more disciplined blogger but 91% of people who finished the challenge said they saw the happiness in the small things.


How can that be a bad thing. If you want to join me let me know in the comments below.


Lauren x

Thyroid awareness month: My story

Every year January is International Thyroid Awareness Month, where charities and suffers around the world try to help people understand the disease. So this year I decided I would write a blog post about thyroid disease.


I am not sure how long I have actually had an under-active thyroid, looking back I have had symptoms for much longer that I have been diagnosed but I was formally diagnosed when I was about 16. My aunt, on my mothers side, also suffers from the an under-active thyroid so when my mum saw the symptoms she got worried. My first main symptom was constant fatigue, after sleeping for 12 hours, I woke up and was still tired. This is when I decided to go to the doctors.

Getting diagnosed was relatively easy for me, although I know it isn’t for many people, I went to talk to my doctor and told her that I suspected thyroid problems because I have similar symptoms to the ones my aunt used to have. I had a blood test that revealed I did in fact have an under-active thyroid.

Once I was diagnosed I was sent to a specialist who worked with me to treat my symptoms and diagnosed me with Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Put simply it basically means that my body thinks my thyroid gland is an illness and tries to attack it, like it would the bacteria from a cold or flu, because my thyroid is being attacked It doesn’t provide enough of the hormone which your body needs. So I take tablets daily which provides the thyroid hormone my body needs.

What are the side effects? 

For many, the symptoms are silent–the early stages. But eventually, you start to notice the same symptoms of hypothyroid, including

  • poor stamina
  • easy fatigue
  • depression
  • feeling cold
  • gaining weight
  • dry hair and skin
  • lowering of voice
  • constipation…etc.

As it progresses, you may feel very hypo one day, and very hyper another, which is caused by the destruction of your thyroid. More symptoms include:

  • diarrhea
  • anxiety or panic
  • fidgetiness
  • problems with either heat or cold…etc

Gluten Free. 

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that In the summer I decided to go gluten free, this was due to strong stomach aches, however since giving up I have discovered that gluten can be bad for thyroid suffers as the gluten cells can look just like a thyroid cell to your body causing it to attack your thyroid more. Having an auto-immune disorder also means I am more susceptible to Celiac disease, as it is also autoimmune.

The future

So far I have been upping my dose of tablets ever year, for about three years. Since as young as I can remember I have hated people touching my neck, apparently because I have a goiter- a swelling in your throat due to the thyroid- although I am getting better at letting some, trusted people touch it now. My main hope is that I odnt have to have a thyroidectomy.

If you think you may have a thyroid condition talk to your doctor about getting a blood test.